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Jewelry Care Instructions

  • Store in a zip lock cover and then in air tight plastic box.
  • Use fragrance 30 minutes before wearing the Jewelry.
  • No water or sweat. Sweat is something unavoidable. In that case use plain 100% cotton cloth OR Polishing cloth (white) which we use to wipe spectacles, gently damp the sweat out of the Jewelry. Leave in air for 5-8 minutes and seal it in zip lock cover and store it in plastic box.
  • Leaving in air overnight will turn the silver to get oxidized which is usual process in silver jewelry.
  • Do not roll / place the jewelry in clothes as when you take it out chances of getting damaged.
  • Jewelry like guttapusalu / stone jewelries which is overloaded with pearls and stones need to be handled with utmost care and cautious.
  • Dropping of any jewelry will definitely cause damage, immediately rectify it with the local vendor or send it back to us, we would be happy to rectify it at extra charge and this process normally will take 25 to 30 days. Note : Time duration cannot be compromised
  • NOTE TO OUR CUSTOMERS : We do not buy / sell used items. We do not exchnage old for new. We are a brand that curates best pieces and delivers to the customers across the country. We do not wish to operate like a regular pawn brokers / jewellers hence we do not exchnage used items/articles or coins or any silver prodcuts for that matter.